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Before DJI gave birth to their first drone – Phantom 1 – in 2013, K.Kopter was already into drone making from ground zero, and providing filming services to the movie industry. 
Our retail shop started in 2014. We had the mindset of providing a very different approach for our retail business – To know the products inside out before we promote it. We wanted to share our real experiences on the products. Not just merely reading the product spec sheet or recite how they were marketed on the videos. This is why our retail approach is "reverse engineering". The K.Kopter way of product introduction simply differs from the usual retail shop. We are industrial leader, not follower.
Retail is not our bread and butter. But it is one of the best way for us to meet like-minded drone enthusiasts so that we can widen our knowledge base and learn from one another. With so much industrial knowledge, we are thrilled to share our expertise and resources with passionate drone pilots.
Drone usage is scalable and it's only limited by one's creativity. While we take a break from the filming scene, we like to get cracking on interesting custom projects. We invite you to speak to us if you have a brilliant idea using drone and you need experts to help you to materialise it.
We will be your perfect partner for such customisation.
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