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K.Kopter has been in the business of drone repair since the first consumer drone (Phantom 1) was introduced to Singapore in 2013. People are flocking to K.Kopter for help because we are the pioneer in the Singapore drone scene, and we needed plenty of parts to support our own fleet for filming, hence we ended up as a largest stockist for drone parts in Singapore.
There are other experts or enthusiasts in Singapore that may be able to fix a drone but without the part supply, it is hard to carry out the repair work, and in most cases, not economical due to the high shipping fee for a small quantity of parts. K.Kopter naturally became the preferred repair workshop for anyone who had experienced a crash or malfunctioning of the drone.
As drone became increasingly popular in the recent years, K.Kopter realised the regulation in Singapore for UAV is not providing a good balance of leisure/commercial benefits to air/public safety. Since the law will take some time to fine-tune and mature, and K.Kopter is in no position to influence the law, we felt the social responsibility to try to make the airspace a safer one for the general public. That's is where we gave birth to the first Singapore One-Stop Drone Protection Scheme – K.KOPTER CARE REFRESH. This is a plan that promotes responsible drone pilots in the event of any accident that causes injury or damage to private or public properties. It also covers damage claims to the drone.
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