Care Refresh is a term commonly known by most DJI drone owners. It's original designed by DJI to offer drone replacements (up to 2 times) for badly crashed drone. The replacement is not free-of-charge. Every replacement is subjected to a replacement fee; and if you prefer to repair the drone instead of replacing it. If you opt for DJI repair services, repair charges will apply and this is quoted by DJI on case-to-case basis. This concept is very much similar to Apple Care.

There's been a great lack of technical support for DJI drone users in Singapore and this is the main reason to why K.Kopter decided to step up and offer an all-rounder coverage for all drone owners. With the tighter air regulation for drone owners and all types of unwanted attentions and complaints from the general public, K.Kopter wants to help every drone owner to create a "safer flying environment" by offering public liability coverage. Just think of K.Kopter Care Refresh like an insurance for your drone — it covers your assets together with public liability which is backed by qualified insurance providers in Singapore. With K.Kopter Care Refresh, you will receive constant local (Singapore) maintenance for your aircraft and you no longer have to pay shipping fees to send your drone to Hong Kong or China. Neither do you have to wait ages for repair work to be done before you can start flying again.


K.Kopter Care Refresh is uniquely the 1st in Singapore. Owning a K.Kopter Care Refresh makes you a responsible drone operator because you care about the safety of others, and you are here to ensure the rightful compensation in the event of an accident.


Whatever you use your drone for there is always one constant, a need for effective cover against damage or software issues. Accidents will happen and technology can never be 100% issue free so it’s a load off your mind to know your equipment is guaranteed by a company who knows it inside and out.  

Unsurprisingly, DJI offers their own version of coverages in the form of DJI Care and DJI Care Refresh. These are solid coverage choices but you need to be careful to read the Ts & Cs as there are a few surprises lurking beneath the promises of comprehensive service.


It’s always best to look at all the available options, including our very own K.Kopter Care Refresh. With no hidden fees and less small print than DJI’s official coverage, you also benefit from dedicated Singapore-based service from a team of customer support professionals and an in-house tech team.


But, in the end, you need to choose what is the best option for you. Below you can find details of DJI’s care packages and more information about K.Kopter Care Refresh to help you decide on the best plan to keep your drone airborne and in great working order. Not forgetting the consequence of injuring anyone while you enjoy your hobby.


Don't worry. We've got you covered!




Any aircraft can be covered by K.Kopter Care Refresh. We do not reject any age of aircraft as long as it is in working condition i.e. without defect when you sign up for our Care Refresh. If there is some imperfection to the drone system, you can always get us to repair the imperfection before you embark on Care Refresh.

K.Kopter Care Refresh is strictly for drone owner who does recreational or leisure flying. If you use your drone for commercial reasons or purpose. K.Kopter can design a Care Refresh that only covers the repair work and not the public liability portion. Please contact us for more details using our contact form or email us at CareRefresh@kkopter.com.sg.




* All coverages is inclusive of 1 standard radio controller (RC) without screen/monitor.
If you have 2 radio controllers (RC), please choose the correct option when you make the purchase.
If your radio controller comes with a built in screen/ monitor,
please make sure you choose the model with the + sign.
If the option for your model is not available online, please use our
contact form or email us at CareRefresh@kkopter.com.sg.
# Inspire series does not cover camera/gimbal unit. The camera/gimbal unit is covered separatedly.

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